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The Terror Test: Test Prep #16

January 31, 2018 by


Destroy Your Sight With a New Gorgon: “Don’t Look Now” and Macbeth Contains “Don’t Look Now” (story and film) and Macbeth spoilers. “Do you fear/ things that sound so fair?”                         ~ The Tragedy of Macbeth, William Shakespeare “Just chance, a flick of a […]

The Terror Test: Test Prep #15

January 17, 2018 by


Carveth vs. Carveth Contains The Brood (1979) and Frankenstein (1818) spoilers. “I think the reason why Mommy left… was because for a long time… I kept trying to make her be a certain kind of person. A certain kind of wife that I thought she was supposed to be. And she just wasn’t like that. […]

The Terror Test: Test Prep #11

February 20, 2017 by


Revenge Is a Fist Best Served Boldly Contains I Saw the Devil (2010) spoilers. “This is certain, that a man that studieth revenge, keeps his own wounds green, which otherwise would heal, and do well. Public revenges are for the most part fortunate; […]. But in private revenges, it is not so. Nay rather, vindictive […]

The Terror Test: Test Prep #8

January 12, 2017 by


Anti-Paraskevidekatriaphobia Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Mom “We notice that in ironic comedy that the demonic world is never far away.” ~ Northrop Frye Potential spoilers for Friday the 13th (1980) and Psycho (1960). As a young horror fan, I liked Italian gialli, often considered proto-slashers, but was rarely excited […]

Interview: John King of The Drunken Odyssey

May 28, 2013 by


The Drunken Odyssey came to me at the perfect time. I had just had a baby and had started to write again after realizing that my chances for Wordsworthian recollection in tranquility were slim to none. I wanted to talk about books and writing, particularly with other writers, but with teaching, taking care of a […]