Mission Statement

Our Name:
Eunoia is Greek for “benevolence” or “beautiful thought” and is used as a medical term meaning normal mental health. Solstice, of course, is a biannual event when the rotational incline of the world is at its maximum. Eunoia Solstice is a biannual literary journal that will appear sometime around the shortest or longest day of each year.
Entertainment for entertainment’s sake, art that claims to have no connection to the society from which it sprang and then sinks back into, can amuse us for a time, but it’s cargo-less nature is a source, ultimately, of nihilism, emptiness, and despair.

Into that despair and emptiness slips the entertainment that professes to have the answer to the ills created by entertainment for entertainment’s sake. Dogmatic art, professing to have the answers, leads us into dark absolutism, to extremism, offering a sad alternative to our emptiness and despair by engaging our energies in the exclusion of anything not us.

There is a way out of these cul-de-sacs, and that is to embrace our negative capability, to become comfortable with uncertainty, and to honestly test our assumptions about the world, without any assumption or desire for a certain conclusion, in the laboratory of Art.

Eunoia Solstice is a community and clearing house for the laboratory of Art and our intent is to entertain our audience while drawing them into a conversation with the intent of inspiring a better world. We will accomplish this by presenting entertaining and thoughtful fiction, poetry, essays, interviews, artwork, movies, music, and reviews.

We will not entertain you without a purpose, and we will not try to convince you we are right and shun you if you don’t agree.

2 Responses “Mission Statement” →
  1. Jason – impressed by this mission – are you still around Wichita? Would love to hook up and converse sometime!

  2. Sorry, Nathan. I just saw this comment today. I’ve been so distracted with other things. I am still in Wichita. And yes, let’s make plans.


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