The Terror Test (Formerly The Unnamed Podcast) – EP 6 – Friday the 13th & Freddy vs. Jason

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The Unnamed podcast is now officially THE TERROR TEST!  The podcast is a conversation between two horror fans to weigh the merits of films and decide whether to admit them  into our sacred horror canon. We want to know what is worth recommending to non-fans and what to watch next.  We review the films on the basis of SCARE FACTOR, MONSTER QUALITY, and PRESENTATION.  A film needs a unanimous vote in all cateGORIES  to receive an induction into the canon.  Those movies that fall short of a unanimous vote will receive an honorable mention.

Rubric 2

*SPOILER ALERT* The recordings contain many spoilers and it is recommended that listeners watch the film BEFORE listening and weigh in their votes in the comments.

Our current canon and upcoming episodes are below:


Evil Dead 2: Dead Before Dawn (1987)

The Blair Witch Project (1999)

Carrie (1976)

[REC] (2007)


Carrie by Stephen King (1974)


Crimson Peak (2015)

[REC 2] (2009)

Upcoming Episodes

Nov. 27th – Cannibal Holocaust (1980) & “Guts” by Chuck Palahniuk (2005)



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