Shoptalk w/Laura Hawley

Posted on July 28, 2014 by


        I’m not a very good scheduler of things. Also, it’s the tail-end of summer and a lot of people are doing things like taking vacations, moving, and so on. Add to that, I’m trying to find interesting things to do with this podcast that aren’t only the simple interview/conversation. So, I’m going to try something different to fill one of my two monthly slots. I’m calling this Shoptalk, and it has a couple of purposes that I hope might prove interesting. First, I miss talking to my old grad school friend, Laura Hawley, about the projects we’re working on. We had a great rapport, and we seemed to understand what the other was trying to do creatively and also had the ability to push each other in interesting directions. I’m stuck on the ending of a novel, and I really needed her help and thought I’d record our conversation about my problematic story. Second, Laura hasn’t been writing much these last few years, and I’ve been trying to think of ways to get her to start writing again. For those who haven’t listened to the episode where I read one of Laura’s stories and talked to her, go back and check that out. But, if you’re more industrious, track down a copy of the 2003 Best New American Voice anthology edited by Joyce Carol Oates. Your local library might have one. Give Laura’s story “The Good Life” a read. I believe you will be impressed.

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