The Outrider Podcast: Episode #1 Jenn Zukowski Boughn

Posted on September 18, 2013 by


Well, here it is: the first episode of The Outrider Podcast where I talk with poet, writer, performer, and teacher Jenn Zukowski Boughn. Jenn has had poems published in several journals, and has written a book on stage combat from Allworth Press. It’s a wide ranging, kind of rambling conversation, but as we establish early on, we hadn’t seen each other in almost ten years so there was some catching up to do.

FYI: the volume is a bit low, so you might have to turn it all the way up. First time podcaster ignorance of Garageband. I’ve think I’ve got it fixed, so future episodes will be better. I promise.


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Episode 2 with author Gavin Pate will be available the third Monday in October.