The Goading: Breeders’ Theatre

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I’ve always enjoyed creating prompts, but more often than not get stuck somewhere in the middle of the response. I feel like if I don’t find the piece in the first draft that I am left lost in the dig. “The Goading” is helping to shine a light on it.

I was listening to an episode of The Drunken Odyssey! this morning and one of the guest’s reasons for loving prompts is that they “kill the muse.” I’m not sure of the state of the muse on this one. Without a doubt, she forced me to practice and reach outside of my comfort zone.


A. Find a section from Domestic Animals.

B. Copy and Paste it in the cut-up machine.

C. Use any interesting string of words as inspiration to begin.

Original Text (Before Cut-up)

All breeding is founded on the principle,that like begets like. This is, however, liable to some exceptions, and is much more generally true when breeding down than when breeding up. If two animals (which can never be exactly similar in all respects) are requisite to the perpetuation of the species, it necessarily results, that the progeny must differ in a more or less degree from each parent. With wild animals, and such of the domestic as are allowed to propagate without the interference of art, and whose habits, treatment, and food are nearly similar to their natural condition, the change through successive generations is scarcely perceptible. It is only when we attempt to improve their good qualities, that it is essential carefully to determine, and rigidly to apply, what are adopted as the present scientific principles of breeding. We cannot believe that we have penetrated beyond the mere threshold of this art. Unless, then, we launch into experiments, which are necessarily attended with uncertainty, our duty will be, to take for our guide the most successful practice of modern times, until further discoveries enable us to modify or add to such as are already known and adopted. We may assume, then, as the present rules for this art

Breeders Theater


The inbred
of art begets
ancient offspring.

We, especially,
perpetuate art.
Improve art.

We perpetuate
essential exceptions,
penetrate the uncertainty
of the practice.

A progeny
to launch
successful truth.

Unite the duty
animal of
each art.



Change art.

Breed that successful
animal habit.

Attend to the
ancient uncertainty.

Enable the inbred,
progeny experiments.

Parent truth
in all exceptions.

That offspring is
uncertainty perpetuated.

Breed color, species, until descent
into essential peculiarities.

Change to change art.


With habits,
we all descend
to change
to animal.

The mongrel enables
the successful, natural,
long-established, essential,
evident art.

Launch change,
the duty
evident in
all art.

We can form
natural art.
We can improve
the natural.

We use until
we take.
We take until
we art.