The Goading: Accidental Lyrics

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Eric and I decided to test the idea by goading each other. His prompt and my response follow. Send us your responses to the prompt. (See our explanation for this column here):

MyTunes Remix

             a. Open iTunes and view your songs according to artist. 

            b. Sort them randomly. 

            c. Use the list as inspiration, reflection, or fodder for a found poem.

Upon Reading Kerouac, The Panda Haven Delivery Boy Begins To Write His Own Fortunes and To Secretly Place Them In the Restaurant’s Fortune Cookies


If you see her, say hello
In a silent way


One reporter’s opinion:
This ain’t no picnic


I am the Resurrection
I am me once more


This is heaven
It tastes better than the truth

Live Improvised Verses Later Rejected By the Great Omaha Bluesman Dougie “Skinner” Swanson

If I had you
All this and heaven, too
I’ll be waiting
I’ll cut a hole and pull you through

“Please don’t be gentle with me
Please, Mr. Postman
Please Please Please”
–And the devil seized her ankle

The King of the World
He won’t go

The angels hung around
At the air show

A bunch of lonesome heroes
Digging for gold

The street is an empty knife
Under the blacklight

Fools in love
Follow the signs

The butcher
By your side
One more time